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There are a lot of options open for those seeking custom home builders in North York. When choosing a registered builder for the house of your dreams, finding a Tarion builder is vital. Be sure to search out a team that consists of architects, engineers, construction workers and interior designers rather than simply a basic designer. By choosing a registered builder with the widest range of skilled workers, the buyer can save tens of thousands of dollars.

Try to find a Tarion registered builder that offers a seven-year warranty and maintenance program. Another great thing to look for in a team is the qualifications of the supervising team. The better educated and the more experienced the supervisors, the higher the chances are that problems can be dealt with quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. Ideally, supervisors should be trained and experienced engineers. Don’t trust the design and build of your dream home to just anyone; take advantage of an experienced Tarion registered builder for the best possible results.
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Welcoming and Friendly Service

When making an investment as substantial as a custom home, it’s important to deal with a knowledgeable and friendly staff. Answering questions about the process and taking the time to satisfy the customer gives buyers peace of mind that most custom home builders simply can’t provide.


To help ensure that the project goes off without a hitch, the best custom home builders hire trained and experienced engineers to act as supervisors. Should a problem arise, their skilled eyes are able to identify the underlying issues and correct them before they create more substantial and costly problems in the future.

Registered Builders

Strictly speaking, anyone with a hammer can technically call themselves a contractor, as the term is unregulated. Becoming a Tarion registered builder and staying in good standing takes much more. Financial statements, technical knowledge, business and marketing strategies are all analyzed annually. To protect your investment, be sure to find a Tarion registered builder.
The best registered custom home builders in North York have the skilled workers and customer service vital to the happiness of the buyer. With foresight and skilled workers, the best quality job can be had for substantially less than other luxury home builders.

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